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Incompetence or Robots

I have to say that it feels as though the world “is going to Hell in a hand-basket”, if that is the correct use of the phrase. Each week in the last few years, and increasingly with each year, the … Continue reading

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Kill The Carbs

In January 2016 and almost twelve years since retirement, I visited my family doctor regarding swollen lower legs, some loss of feeling in a couple of toes and a strange pad-like feeling under my right foot. He suggested that I … Continue reading

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Man will never achieve anything more exquisite nor simple nor complex than what nature provides easily and in a myriad of forms. Continue reading

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Review of 2012 KIA Optima EX

We have now owned our 2012 KIA Optima EX for 32 months and still think of it as a new car. One might say we have been lucky but I do believe that KIA has a good design here. Specifications … Continue reading

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Do We Fit and Can We Change

Do you believe that mankind is natural in the same way that plants and animals are to this planet? Do you think that man “fits” with nature? If we do believe this, then we should believe that we will find … Continue reading

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Emotion and How It Can Be Used Against You

In today’s world, there are many ways that your own emotions can be used against you. This is something that one hopefully learns through the years. Here are some ways that your own feelings can be used to lead or … Continue reading

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We Need To Ask Why (More Often)

Instead of supporting the idea of huge companies producing massive quantities of cheap goods that last only until the next company-driven fad is introduced, what about supporting the notion of smaller local companies, producing an adequate supply of quality goods … Continue reading

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