Incompetence or Robots

I have to say that it feels as though the world “is going to Hell in a hand-basket”, if that is the correct use of the phrase.

Each week in the last few years, and increasingly with each year, the obvious incompetence of humans has shown itself to me in various ways. It can be a spelling or grammar mistake (or several) in an advertisement, a reputable newspaper or a book or magazine. I have seen innumerable examples of these, and more each day.

Incompetence shows itself when your fast food or restaurant food order is incorrect even when one has made a point to specify what was desired.

Government has shown it’s fair share of incompetence, and continues to do so.

Personally, it showed up recently when I made a service appointment for my car and was told after driving 22 km to the appointment that the technician that can do the work was unavailable. A simple phone call, message or e-mail from the service department before I left for the appointment would have prevented the 44 km trip, the waste of my time (thank goodness I am retired), some fuel and some pollution. A second appointment was arranged and I had to call to find out that the work had to be postponed once more. Then the service receptionist made me a third appointment for the same work, but on a provincial holiday. In this case, I called to find out that they weren’t even open on that day. Once again the appointment was changed. Terrible. I am hoping that the fourth time is lucky.

When I was a working person, I know that I wasn’t perfect, and I did make mistakes and oversights, which I rectified as soon as possible. The stores and service centres that I dealt with years ago seemed to be so much more efficient and the workers more knowledgeable and willing to help you than the most of those of present day. That being said, there are definitely examples of good companies and good workers sprinkled throughout society. These are not the majority, unfortunately.

I am not sure if it is lack of motivation, poor pay or just stupidity that allows the incompetence today. I do know that if I ran a business, I would have my workers be enthusiastic and competent in their jobs or leave the job to someone who was. In other words, replace laggards with those who care about what they are doing.

It seems that we are destined for a world where we really need robots if we want things to get better. Either we give up on humans or we start training people for competence in the workplace.

I prefer the latter choice.


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