Do We Fit and Can We Change

Do you believe that mankind is natural in the same way that plants and animals are to this planet? Do you think that man “fits” with nature? If we do believe this, then we should believe that we will find better ways to co-exist with or be part of nature on this ever-shrinking world. To be positive about our future, we must have faith that we will achieve whatever is necessary to continue living here without destroying our own habitat.

I have doubted our capabilities many times in the past. We have all seen or learned about the innumerable fumblings that we have made in our violent and un-caring history. We have been misled by those who would seek power or revenge, those who through their eloquence and misguided thought have shown us their way, or those with such a terrifying rule that they have intimidated their own countrymen or even the world into following a path that the individual would not likely have followed.

If we do believe that we “fit” in the world, we should have faith that we will be guided or inspired to change ourselves soon enough that we will stop destroying the very planet that provides so much for us. I would like to believe this to be true. I believe that a lack of this faith, in some parts of society, has allowed a very stressful life to flourish, bringing with it the attitude “what difference does it make what I do anyway?” that I am sure many of us have heard expressed in different ways by the people with which we interact.

The individual must hang on to self, and follow no-one, save one’s faith. Important decisions and directions must be individually decided and determined. The old saying about “marching to a different drummer” is a simple way of remembering that. It seems that some are continually striving to follow someone else’s dream, thinking that this will somehow bring the same level of happiness as experienced by the other. Some say “follow your heart”. To me, this is about as good a guideline as any for living a happy life. I am not saying that one should not strive to achieve, but that achievement must provide true happiness as a reward. If we are continually worrying about the hurtful things that we are doing to others or our natural environment, how can we truly be happy and satisfied with our achievement?

Too many times, mankind has thought that it knew what it was doing. Too many times, we believed that we understood the consequences of our actions. Rarely have we truly been correct. No matter how intelligent we think we are, there is always that “fuzziness” that can’t be explained. In the past, I have looked at the world from a scientific viewpoint wanting to understand how and why things worked the way they did. It has been interesting. But, in some way, I have changed in the last few years. I see the world as an infinitely indefinable system where minute changes can have unpredictable results, where explanations meet impasses, where wonder exists in the simplest places. Man’s world is a scarier, more threatening and complex sea of doubt and greed. Each of us will eventually greet nature and no quantity of man’s influence will change that. Of that, I am certain. Why not now embrace the home that provides us with an unending supply of wondrous and awe-inspiring life, all without effort on our part, all without technology to help us, all without greed or remorse.


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