Great Ideas for Saving Money

Ontarians can save money on electricity bills by living at night and on weekends and holidays, which many of us are persuaded to do since our electricity bills are so high these days.

Our government(s) could also save us, as taxpayers, significant cost by operating at night and on holidays and weekends. This would also make those services available to working people (non-government) without the need to take holidays or time off work, thus benefitting the average worker even more.

In addition, hospitals, dentists and many of the services and facilities that the average person needs to access could be open outside of the 7 am to 7 pm block of hours. This would reduce the cost to taxpayers and businesses alike and would likely increase business, which is supposed to be a good thing, generating more tax dollars to replace the  tax dollars saved by reduced electricity costs.

In my opinion, the cost of electricity, for me and others that still rely on electricity for heating, has risen a great deal to offset the profit lost by the massive move to natural gas heating. This leaves those of us who still rely on electric heat paying ridiculous costs for heating in a region where –20C to –30C is the norm for the winter months.

Personally, we have been fortunate enough to to be able reduce our annual electricity consumption by about 10000 Kwh over the last ten years by replacing windows and doors, burning wood and shifting our usage to the evenings and weekends. This has enabled us to keep our costs to a level that has allowed us to continue living in our home while on a pension. However, our electricity costs have now risen from about $2500 per year (average of previous nine years) to $3800 per year (this last year). Using the same years, our consumption has gone from about 27000 Kwh to 16500 Kwh. There is not much left for us to do to reduce our consumption.

As the cost of electricity continues to climb beyond our budget, unfortunately, we will, like many others have, spend thousands of borrowed dollars in the near future to convert to natural gas heating. It seems likely that we will save $200+ per month by making this move, although we will pay for the conversion for several years. Hopefully by the time the conversion is paid for, the price of natural gas is still reasonable.

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