Why Do We Canadians Even Bother?

Why does Canada bother investigating companies that are suspected of wrongdoing at great cost to the Canadian taxpayer when there is no punishment nor charges laid?

Why does Canada research different ways to change existing systems when all that does is cost the taxpayer more money with no significant improvement in these systems? Why try to improve things that don’t need improving and make them worse with expensive efforts?

Why do we pay other countries to take our surplus electricity when many of us would gladly use that surplus electricity for free and save the country a billion dollars a year? Why are we being told to cut our electricity usage and being penalized for using more when surpluses exist?

Do we really need so many costly studies?

Why is it that when someone (i.e., executives, big business) is obviously doing something wrong, is it recommended that they not do it, the choice being theirs. This is usually the result of some investigation at great cost over many months or years.

How can we continually ignore those that are not doing their job instead of firing them immediately?

How is anyone worth a $1,000,000 salary or more per year?

Why is it that low income Canadians (i.e., all Canadians) are approached by charities and encouraged by government to donate when they have no money for their own electricity, oil, gas or food?

Why is it that we hear of ex-politicians getting jobs with big business after retiring from service, leading us to believe that they were not operating at arm’s length when in politics?

Are we deaf, dumb and blind? Are we stupid? Or are we just beaten down by the rich and powerful? We are all of these things. We are fed the news that keeps us that way. We are led to believe that the country cannot survive without the government, and expected to support a government that assumes our stupidity.

As Canadians, we will accept almost anything we are fed. We have a global reputation for it. I say it is well past the time to be heard. Have you had enough yet? Or are you willing to eat it all for another century or so? It’s no wonder that the rest of the world thinks we acquiesce and that big business runs our country, government included.

I still have some pride left for Canada and a little hope too but that won’t feed the unfortunate in this country no matter how much I donate to charity, how many CFL bulbs I buy or how many L/100km my 4-cylinder car gets.

Why bother? Because it matters a lot. There should be at least one country in this world that does the right things for the right reasons. I don’t have a problem with supporting a trustworthy government. I don’t have a problem supporting those Canadians less fortunate. I just need to be able trust someone other than my family and friends.


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