How Can This Keep Happening?

I read today that how more than 4 billion dollars designated for the horse-racing industry over the last 15 years is unaccounted for by the Ontario government – Where did ontarios slotsforhorses money go.

I always assumed that horse racing was a viable business and was profitable. Now I read that on October 15th, the Ontario government has committed $400 million over the next 5 years to support this industry. I say to myself “This can’t be true”. But here we go again. The average person has to account for all monies received when filling out their tax return but the governments have no such requirement, or if they do, they can plead ignorance.

It’s about time that these organizations hire someone (maybe an average person) who CAN keep track of money. I think we need to change something here. Ever since the governments have been talking about accountability and transparency, we have had no accountability and very little transparency. Canada’s finances (even with all of the positive international news we hear) are rapidly becoming a public embarrassment and a source of frustration for the average person who sees millions being thrown around without care while they are required to cut back and make the most of what little they have. I don’t like it. It needs to change.

If I were to add a note to my income tax return stating “I have no idea how much money I received or what I spent it on this year – sorry”, I am sure there would be serious consequences.

Frustrated by unaccountable governments.


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