And Another Thing …

As I can’t seem to find out anything about this on my TV service provider’s site (Bell Expressvu), I thought I would rant a bit in this blog.

Why is it that when we are watching a movie on some channels (too many), we get these annoying advertisements for other channels or future shows on the same channel on the lower right (or other bothersome spots) on my screen. We are paying enough with our service plan to watch movies without advertising and I must say it’s pissing us off. Sometimes we need to see what is under the advertisements and there is no way to get rid of this crap. We don’t need reminders or ads showing us what is coming up on another (or the same) channel! We are capable of finding this information out on our own. We can use a remote.

This is of course in addition to the fact that we have hundreds of reality shows available and only a few informative programs available. Movies tend to be older ones that we have seen already and it hardly seems worthwhile paying so much for so little (even if it’s HD crap).

If there is so little fresh and substantial programming available, what do we need with hundreds of channels. We are seriously considering changing or cancelling our service. It is too bad that over the last few decades we went from enjoyable television to frustrating garbage. If service providers made individual channels available at a per channel cost, then one could customize their programming in an intelligent way without paying an arm and a leg for stuff they NEVER watch.

I know this rant won’t provide any real solution to our problems with TV programming, but at least I got it out of my system for an hour or so. Cheers.


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