Venture Index Could Hit 1000 Soon

If one looks at recent trends only, it seems likely that the Canadian Venture Index could pass through 1000 in the next week or so. Looking at the last couple of years, it would appear that investment interest in juniors is waning quickly. Does this mean that conservative Canadians are fed up with taking chances on long shots and startups? I think so.

Many investors have lost so much on the markets in the last few years that, I believe, few are willing to take chances with even those companies that are profitable and regaining strength individually.

Two years -55% 2424
Six months -12% 1243
One month -10% 1217
One week -4% 1100

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One Response to Venture Index Could Hit 1000 Soon

  1. 12stringman says:

    Venture index today (2015-12-01) is about 521.

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